Vitaly P. Zubov

Personal information

Vitali Zubov (Prof., PhD, Dr. Sci) is a Head of the Polymers for Biology Laboratory of the IBCh RAS. His academic career began in Lomonosov Moscow State University where he has been a Professor in Chemistry Department since 1986.

Scientific interests

His scientific interests include the synthesis and chemical conversions of polymers, the kinetics and mechanisms of radical polymerization.

Main scientific results

He is an author of 350 papers and reviews, 120 patents, and 2 books. He has developed and investigated a number of new polymer-containing materials for medical diagnostics and bioseparation, in particular using the polymerization processes in adsorbed layers of inorganic matrices. These materials (sorbents, membranes, etc.) have unique sorption properties due to the immobilization of nano-scale polymer layers on the carrier surfaces.

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