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The lecture by prof. Chandi C. Mandal Cancer biology basics. An intriguing link between cholesterol and tumorigenesis

Thursday, 2 august, 15-00.Seminar room, bld. 34, stage 5.


Chandi C. Mandal, PhD

Associate Professor and Head

Department of Biochemistry

School of Life Sciences

Central University of Rajasthan

Dr. Mandal’s research interests:

  • Finding the underlying molecular mechanism for cholesterol-induced cancer growth and Metastasis
  • Investigating the molecular mechanism involved in cancer microcalcification and its prevention strategy
  • Investigating the target identification for cold-mediated tumorigenesis
  • Study for preventing mutation in mutation prone zones in cancer genome
  • Identification of bioactive secondary metabolites for prevention of cancer metastasis


Part 1. Cancer biology basics (15-00)

Part 2. An intriguing link between cholesterol and tumorigenesis (15-40)

Obesity, diabetes and hormonal imbalance have been linked with cancer incidence and/or mortality. Several findings have focused on high cholesterol as a cancer driving intrinsic factor. Although, this link has not yet been established well.

This study aimed to find out whether elevation of cellular cholesterol promotes tumorigenesis. Our nationwide statistical analyses found an existence of positive correlation between cancer mortality rate and total average serum cholesterol of the population of a country. This positive relationship was also noticed in various anatomical site-specific cancers including thyroid, breast, ovary and others, except liver and cervical cancers. Moreover, tumor sample study found the higher expressions of cellular cholesterol regulatory genes (e.g. HMGCoR, LDLR) and elevated level of cholesterol in malignant breast cancer tissues as compared to benign tissues. Cell culture study documented that treatment of breast cancer cells with cholesterol increased cell proliferation and migration of breast cancer cells. Whereas, cholesterol depleting MBCD inhibited cell proliferation, EMT and stemness in breast cancer cells.


August 2, 2018 (This event is over)

Akimov Mikhail

july 29, 2018

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