Elena A. Markvicheva

Personal information

More than 25 graduate students (Bacheler degree, MSc degree) and 10 PhD students (PhD degree) successfully presented their thesises under her supervision.

Scientific interests

Her scientific interests are focused on elaboration of novel polymer biomaterials for biomedical applications (controlled drug delivery systems, nanoencapsulation of bioactive peptides; immobilized mammalian cells, biodegradable scaffolds  (fibers, hydrogels, microcarriers) for tissue repair.

Main scientific results

The author of more than 200 publications, including more than 80 papers, 7 patents, 7 chapters in books.

Scientific societies’ membership

She is a member of several scientific international societies and Coordinator (Head of Russian branch of Bioencapsulation Research Group) in Russia as well as an expert in international COST programs (840 и 865).

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