Education of young specialists

In this I see the aim in science of a new generation: to get knowledge quickly, quickly and with dignity to become one of those who making road to unknown areas, to work by yourself confidently and dependably to feel your colleagues, your elder fellows like relay on and trust you.

Yu.A. Ovchinnikov


Preparing of hi-qualified specialists of physicochemical biology and biotechnology is one of the most important condition for solving such problems as public health, supply of provision, protection of biosphere and so on. Swift movement of development and interdisciplinary character of this knowledge area make necessary to join efforts of most scientific establishments institutes RAS and Russian universities to prepare scientific manpower.

The IBCh pays a lot of its attention to education of young specialists. It is being provided since the Institutes very beginning since 1959. In 1974 in IBCh AS USSR was opened first chemistry and technology department of MIFCT, and in 1982 was made first in USSR sci-educational center, based on bioorganic chemistry department of MSU and physicochemical biology and biotechnology department of MIPT. This center was aimed to effective use of all scientific and educational potential for preparing really qualified manpower and to receive the newest scientific knowledge, do innovating work in this area.

Every year in the Institute and its branchs educational centers more than 300 students and postgraduates of different universities undergo trainings. Leading scientists of IBC RAS and its branch deliver lectures, conduct seminars and labworks.