• Capsule-Targeting Depolymerases Derived from Acinetobacter baumannii Prophage Regions science news VI.16

    A team of scientists from the Laboratory of molecular bioengineering IBCh RAS together with the colleagues from other Russian Institutes bioinformatically predicted and recombinantly produced several different depolymerases encoded in the prophage regions of Acinetobacter baumannii genomes. For two depolymerases, the specificity to capsular polysaccharides (CPSs) of A. baumannii belonging to K1 and K92 capsular types (K types) was determined. These enzymes can be considered as suitable candidates for the development of new antibacterials against corresponding A. baumannii K types. 

  • Evolution of Phage Tail Sheath Protein science news VI.16

    A team of scientists from the Laboratory of molecular bioengineering IBCh RAS analysed 112 contractile phage tail sheath proteins (TShP) representing different groups of bacteriophages and archaeal viruses with myoviral morphology have been modelled with the novel machine learning software, AlphaFold 2. The common core domain of all studied sheath proteins, including viral and T6SS proteins, comprised both N-terminal and C-terminal parts, whereas the other parts consisted of one or several moderately conserved domains, presumably added during phage evolution.

  • Heterogeneity of the GFP fitness landscape and data-driven protein design science news VI.16

    Understanding the relationship between genotype and phenotype, the fitness landscape, elucidates the fundamental laws of heredity (Canale et al. 2018) and may ultimately create novel methods of protein design (Alley et al. 2019). The fitness landscape is often conceptualised as a multidimensional surface (Kondrashov and Kondrashov, 2015) with one dimension representing fitness, or another phenotype, and the other dimensions each representing a genotype’s locus.


  • Seminar “Molecular brain”: Allan Kalueff science news V.12 (This event is over)

    Seminar “Molecular brain” resumes its work after the long delay caused by pandemic of new coronavirus infection. However, all the people who are liking to listen lectures on-line, can participate via zoom-translation (link). The seminar will be held on the 12th of May at 3 pm in the Small lecture hall (3rd floor, BON, IBCh). Everyone is welcome!

  • Gene therapy 2.0: AAV beyond monogenic gene correction science news II.4–5 (This event is over)

    Founding and managing partner of 4BIO Capital - Dmitry Kuzmin - will make a presentation in conference room 04 Februry 2022 at 15:00