• "Molecular Brain" seminar, Epilepsy and channelopathies: from molecular mechanisms to the clinic and back science news IX.22.22 (This event is over)

    The seminar will take place on September 22 at 16:00 in the Minor hall. Three presentations will focus on the current understanding of epilepsy and channelopathies and will consider various aspects: molecular and physiological mechanisms, as well as approaches to therapy. Everyone is cordially invited!

  • Seminar “Molecular brain”: Allan Kalueff science news V.12.22 (This event is over)

    Seminar “Molecular brain” resumes its work after the long delay caused by pandemic of new coronavirus infection. However, all the people who are liking to listen lectures on-line, can participate via zoom-translation (link). The seminar will be held on the 12th of May at 3 pm in the Small lecture hall (3rd floor, BON, IBCh). Everyone is welcome!