Plant Cell Tissue Organ Cult, 2019, 139(3):621-634

Production of marker-free tomato plants expressing the supersweet protein thaumatin II gene under the control of predominantly fruit-specific promoters

Despite the lack of evidence of the danger of genetically modified organisms the presence of marker and antibiotic-resistant genes in transgenic plants causes concern to consumers. Genetically modified plants with viral and bacterial genes are adopted by consumers, but with concerns; in addition, constitutive promoters have a number of disadvantages in industrial-scale cultivation of plants. In our study, we used the pMF vector system (Wageningen Plant Research, Wageningen, Netherlands), which combines inducible site-specific recombinase and a bifunctional selectable gene to obtain marker-free tomato plants. The gene of interest was the supersweet thaumatin II protein from the tropical plant Thaumatococcus daniellii under the control of tomato predominantly fruit-specific early-light inducible protein (ELIP) or E8 promoters and tomato Rubisco terminator. The use of this gene in our laboratory allowed enhancing sweetness, as well as improving the taste characteristics of fruit such as apple, strawberries, carrots, tomatoes, and pears. By using different strategies of early and delayed selection we developed a protocol for obtaining fully marker-free tomato plants, which was checked by polymerase chain reaction and Southern blotting. The thaumatin II gene expression was confirmed by reverse transcription-PCR and western blotting analyses. The fruit of transgenic and marker-free tomato plants displayed a sweet taste. A quantitative comparative assessment of the level of expression of the thaumatin protein under the control of two promoters was carried out using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Multiple and/or incomplete T-DNA inserts that often occur during transformation of Solanaceae greatly reduced the efficiency of the system used.

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