Transl Oncol, 2020, 13(4):100762

Genetically Modified DR5-Specific TRAIL Variant DR5-B Revealed Dual Antitumor and Protumoral Effect in Colon Cancer Xenografts and an Improved Pharmacokinetic Profile.

Despite the weak clinical efficacy of TRAIL death receptor agonists, a search is under way for new agents that more efficiently activate apoptotic signaling. We previously created a TRAIL DR5-selective variant DR5-B without affinity for the DR4, DcR1, DcR2, and OPG receptors and increased proapoptotic activity in tumor cells. Here we showed that DR5-B significantly inhibited tumor growth in HCT116 and Caco-2 but not in HT-29 xenografts. The antitumor activity of DR5-B was 2.5 times higher in HCT116 xenografts compared to TRAIL. DR5-B at a dose of 2 or 10 mg/kg/d for 10 days inhibited tumor growth in HCT116 xenografts by 26% or 50% respectively, and increased animal survival. Unexpectedly, DR5-B at a higher dose (25 mg/kg/d) inhibited tumor growth only during the first 8 days of drug exposure, while at the end of the monitoring, no effect or even slight stimulation of tumor growth was observed. The pharmacokinetic parameters of DR5-B were comparable to those of TRAIL, except that the half-life was 3.5 times higher. Thus, enhancing TRAIL selectivity to DR5 may increase both antitumor and proliferative activities depending on the concentration and administration regimens.

Yagolovich AV, Artykov AA, Karmakova TA, Vorontsova MS, Pankratov AA, Andreev-Andrievsky AA, Dolgikh DA, Kirpichnikov MP, Gasparian ME

IBCH: 8509
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