The Branch of the IBCh RAS in Pushchino (BIBCh)

The Branch of the M.M. ShemyakinYu.A. Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences was founded by Presidium RAS of USSR in 1979. Its founder and first director was vice-president of AS, director of the IBCh, academican Yu. A. Ovchinnikov.

The Branch is situated 120 km from Moscow on the right bank of the Oka river in Pushchino (Moscow Region). There are an unique station of artificial climate with laboratory Biotron for plants colonial microreproduction, scientific production complex Biocenter for pre-clinical trials of medicines, green device for thermal destruction of chemical and biochemical researches waste and the breeding nursery.

One of the key directions of biotechnology research is creation of different types of transgenic plants with new useful properties. The main effort is agricultural biotechnology employing transgenic plants.

In an artificial climate station BIOTRON, under the guidance of PhD S.V. Dolgov, they develop new methods for plants transformation and means of genetic engineering for improvement of plants valuable economic indications. All achievments of the Branch are being successfully introduced to agriculture.

Another area of research is connected with development and production of the newest medicines. On the BIBCh Laboratory of preclinical trials base they perform tests of medicines toxicity in compliance with international demands of Good Manufacture Practice.

There separate stages of biotechnologic processes for getting different medicines are processed and scaled, and moreover, instrument outline is developed for their obtaining.

Nowadays in the Branch work 83 researchers, including 4 doctors of science and 37 PhDs. All in all there are 315 employees. Yearly more than 40 masters and postgraduates continue here their education.

Opportunity of taking part in biotechnology projects leaded by IBCh, is being for all interested in this area. Due to this, successfull work of the Institute in the tideway of biotechnology is provided by interlaboratory collaboration and widespread interinstitute connections.