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Общий семинар ИБХ. Доклад доктора Диего Орсаэса «‎Engineering synthetic gene circuits in plants: a roadmap towards genetically augmented crops»

Семинар пройдет в Малом Зале ИБХ (3 этаж, БОН) в среду 31 мая в 16:00.

31 мая (Событие окончено)

Григоров А.С.

The fascination to engineer plants with augmented capabilities has accompanied plant biotechnology since its origins, and this possibility has become even more relevant in present times under the pressure imposed by climate change and population growth. Today ́s plant biotechnologists appraise this challenge with the tools of synthetic biology, which facilitate the assembly of synthetic gene circuits from their modular components. Transcriptional synthetic gene circuits take environmental or endogenous inputs and operate them using transcriptional signals in ways that do not necessarily occur in nature, generating new metabolic and physiological outputs.

In our lab we pursue the design and characterization of gene circuit components as key for the rational design of robust synthetic gene circuits, with the ultimate objective of creating programmable plant biofactories of the Nicotiana genus. I will describe our recent progress in the design of circuit components, such as integrase-based memory devices, CRISPR/Cas-based programmable activators and synthetic promoter collections, as well as in the development of improved biofactory chassis via multiplex genome editing. Some potential uses of genetically augmented plants as protein biofactories or pheromone biodispensers will also be discussed.

Dr Diego Orzaez

Dr Diego Orzáez is a Scientific Researcher at the Spanish Research Council and co-leader of the Plant Genomics and Biotechnology Group at the Institute of Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology of Valencia, Spain. He did his PhD on Plant Programmed Cell Death at Granell ́s lab. He works in plant synthetic biology, developing tools for plant engineering and applying them to create plants with novel properties. His lab developed the GoldenBraid cloning system, as well as Susphire and Newcotiana plant engineering projects. Diego is a founder of biotech companies aiming to commercialize plant-based biomanufacturing.

22 мая