Nucleic Acids Res, 2023, 51(6):2586-2601

Red light-emitting short Mango-based system enables tracking a mycobacterial small noncoding RNA in infected macrophages

Progress in RNA metabolism and function studies relies largely on molecular imaging systems, including those comprising a fluorogenic dye and an aptamer-based fluorescence-activating tag. G4 aptamers of the Mango family, typically combined with a duplex/hairpin scaffold, activate the fluorescence of a green light-emitting dye TO1-biotin and hold great promise for intracellular RNA tracking. Here, we report a new Mango-based imaging platform. Its key advantages are the tunability of spectral properties and applicability for visualization of small RNA molecules that require minimal tag size. The former advantage is due to an expanded (green-to-red-emitting) palette of TO1-inspired fluorogenic dyes, and the truncated duplex scaffold ensures the latter. To illustrate the applicability of the improved platform, we tagged Mycobacterium tuberculosis sncRNA with the shortened aptamer-scaffold tag. Then, we visualized it in bacteria and bacteria-infected macrophages using the new red light-emitting Mango-activated dye.

Bychenko OS, Khrulev AA, Svetlova JI, Tsvetkov VB, Kamzeeva PN, Skvortsova YV, Tupertsev BS, Ivanov IA, Aseev LV, Khodarovich YM, Belyaev ES, Kozlovskaya LI, Zatsepin TS, Azhikina TL, Varizhuk AM, Aralov AV

IBCH: 10585
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