The unit was disbanded in 2023.

Department of electronic resources and economic initiatives

The Department of electronic resources and economic initiatives was organized in 1998 with integration of two groups: the Group of economic initiatives and the Group of networks. The Group of economic initiatives was made in 1980s and doing economic cooperation with countries of CMEA in biotechnology area. Later the Group of import equipment was joined to it and aims of a basic group changed. So it was buying scientific equipment, literature, reagents and other import materials. These tasks is actual and for nowadays.

The Group of webs was made in 1993 from former Computer bureau of IBCh. In 1998 this Group was reported to the head of recreated and united Department of electronic resources and economic initiatives. Today it deals with local network of the Institute by three employees.

Main activities if the Department:

  1. A complex electric-networking supply the Institute’s data flow. It includes basic network services, security of a stable work in the Internet, organization and supporting web-server of the Institute (Internet/Intranet).
  2. Supply a technical support for CCN.
  3. A scientific-economic examination of departments’ requests for buying import scientific materials and equipment. Supply a custom clearance to such traffic.




Igor' Osipov

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