Department of Biophotonics

The Department of Biophotonics was established in March 2020 from units previously included in the Department of Genomics and Postgenomic Technologies, the Department of Peptide and Protein Technologies, and the Department of Biomolecular Chemistry.

The department works on fundamental and applied problems in the field of biophotonics using a wide range of approaches: gene engineering, directed molecular evolution, protein chemistry, fluorescence microscopy, X-ray structural analysis of proteins, chemical synthesis.

Main directions:

  • Development of technologies for fluorescent labeling of living cells and organisms
  • Development of opto- and chemogenetics methods
  • Solving crystal structures of fluorescent proteins
  • Design of new fluorescent proteins
  • Development of super-resolution fluorescence microscopy methods
  • Synthesis of fluorescent and fluorogenic compound

Konstantin Lukyanov

Russia, Moscow, Ul. Miklukho-Maklaya 16/10 — On the map