Laboratory of bioinformatics approaches in combinatorial chemistry and biology

Department of functioning of living systems

Head: Andreev D.E.

bioinformatics, genomics, sequence analysis, ribosome profiling, mass spectrometry, protein structure prediction, micropeptides, proteoforms

The laboratory was founded in 2019. The laboratory develops software for the analysis and processing of high-throughput genomics data (RNA-seq, ribosome profiling, mass spectrometry, etc) for the detection of novel protein-coding regions and functional characterization of their products. For these purposes, the laboratory also uses molecular evolution approaches and protein structure modeling.


The laboratory closely collaborates with LAPTI laboratory in Cork, Ireland

- Studying the mechanisms of gene expression regulation and protein synthesis control.

- Identification, and characterization of translated regions in genomes and transcriptomes, including coding for proteins and proteoforms.

- Characterization of the natural genetic decoding diversity.

- Software development for the analysis of biological data.

- Development of computational methods for the identification of biologically active molecules using the screening of combinatorial peptide libraries.

- Modeling of protein structures and their interactions with peptides.

Discovery and characterization of POLGARF, a product of non-AUG initiated ORF overlapping with CDS of  POLG encoding mitochondrial DNA polymerase  (Loughran et al doi: 10.1101/2020.03.06.980391).

Andreev D.E., D.Scpr. r. f.
Severinov K.V., D.Scpr. r. f.
Budanov A.V., D.Scl. r. f.
Golovin A.V.l. r. f.
Sergej Kovalchuk, Ph.D.s. r.
Porozov Y.B.s. r. f.
Bacheva A.V.r. f.
Yuliana Mokrushinar. f.
Evseeva M.N.j. r. f.
Geraseva E.P.j. r. f.
Shafikov R.R.j. r. f.
Vladimir Shmygarevj. r. f.
Yaroslav Solov'evj. r. f.
Renata Zagitovaj. r. f.
Maslova V.D.res. eng.
Timofei HvostikovPhD stud.
Kachkin F.Y.t. q. - lab. as.
Murzin V.A.t. q. - lab. as.
Sobolev D.I.t. q. - lab. as.
Vladikina M.V.t. q. - lab. as.
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Andreev D.E.

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