Laboratory of lipid chemistry


Laboratory of lipid chemistry was created in 1963 by Lev D. Bergelson. Over the decades research focus has migrated from methods to isolate lipids from natural sources and study their structure, through chemical synthesis of lipids and their analogues, particularly, fluorescent and photoreactive lipid probes, to the structure and function of biological membranes, the role of lipids in various pathologies, and development of lipid-based drug delivery systems.


Today, the laboratory of lipid chemistry is a center for development of lipid conjugates and supramolecular ensembles thereof. The studies are aimed at both creation of lipid constructs with preset properties and investigation of the interactions of these constructs with the environment, e.g. biological fluids.

Elena Vodovozova, D.ScHead of lab.
Dmitri Koroev, Ph.D.s. r. f.
Mikhalyov I.I., Ph.D.s. r. f.
Anna Alekseeva, Ph.D.r., +7(495)330-66-10
Anna Vostrova, Ph.D.r. f.
Ekaterina Ryabukhinaj. r. f.
Gaisin K.S.t. q. - lab. as.
Volkova S.S.t. q. - lab. as.
Kardashevskaya K.S.eng.

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Bergelson L.D., C-MAS, Prof., D.Sc
Molotkovsky J.G., Prof., D.Sc
Ivan Boldyrev,, +7(495)330-66-10, +7(926)224-68-06
Gayenko G.P., Ph.D.
Natalia Onishchenko, Ph.D.
Mariya Kobanenko
Mariya Kobanenko
Kislova S.O.
Shendrikov V.P.
Zhukova G.I.

Elena Vodovozova

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