Group of Peptide Chemistry

Peptides and their derivatives are widely used in biology as molecular tools. Some peptides and peptidomimetics are used in medicine. Therefore, the development of effective peptide synthesis methods is a subject of ongoing research worldwide.


The Peptide Chemistry Group research is focused on the search of side reaction products that are formed during the actual steps of the chemical synthesis of peptide and peptidomimetics. Upon the identification of the products of new side reactions, the conditions for the chemical transformations are developed aiming to eliminate the formation of undesired side products discovered. An inrease of an efficacy of a peptide synthesis method is expected as an applied result of the research.

  1. Development of methodology and elaboration of biologically-active peptides (peptidomimetics) chemical synthesis methods.

  2. Development of methodology of selective bioconjugation of synthetic peptides with biopharmaceuticals

  3. Investigation of structure-activity relationships of biologically-active peptide analogs

  1. Chemical synthesis of peptidoglycan mimetic–disaccharide-tetrapeptide conjugate was accomplished.

  2. A new side reaction of NIn-formyl protecting group transfer to Nα is discovered. The reaction conditions aiming to minimize the formation of N-For truncated side products are suggested.

  3. A chemical method for the preparation of ketomethylene pseudopeptides was developed.

Viatcheslav Azev, Ph.D.s. r. f.
Baidakova L.K.r. f.
Chulin A.N., Ph.D.r. f.
Gorbunova E.J., Ph.D.r. f.
Mustaeva L.G.r. f.
Polyakova A.I.eng.
Kozlova lab. as.
Bochenina E.S.lab. as.

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