The unit was disbanded in 2017.

Innovative center “Technopark”

Innovative centre “IBCH Industrial Park” is a sci-technical department of IBC RAS and was made for activation of sci-innovational activities of the Institute, increasing its efficacy and competitiveness in the area of fundamental and applied science. Main objects of the department are:

  1. creation infrastructure for innovational sci-research and development works in the Institute, which are made for next applied using of their results;
  2. service work for scientific departments of IBCh RAS on favorable terms to enlarge range of resources for scientific and sci-technical works;
  3. attraction partners and potential users of science intensive products for organization and financing joint innovational-applied projects;
  4. organization collective using of high-technological equipment to increase efficacy of its using and developing of the Institute’s equipment base.

Previously worked here

Fradkov A.F., Ph.D.
Shagin D.A., Ph.D.
Barsova E.V., Ph.D.
Vagner L.L., Ph.D.

Sergei Lukyanov

Russia, Moscow, Ul. Miklukho-Maklaya 16/10 — On the map