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Head: Tatyana V. Ovchinnikova, D. Sc.
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The IBCh RAS pays a lot of its attention to education of young specialists. For them — students, undergraduates and postgraduates — there are educational & scientific centers (ESC). The Institute’s ESC became the first to join efforts of most scientific establishments — institutes RAS and Russian universities — to prepare scientific manpower for physicochemical biology and biotechnology.

Nowadays educational program consists of strict scrutiny of such fundamental problems as biopolymers structure and functions, genetic and protein engineering, biotechnology, molecular fundamentals of immunology, structure and functions of biological membranes, and applied informatics. Up-to-date methods for discovery of structure of molecules and mechanisms of their biological action take a lot of time in this educational program.

Every year in the ESC IBCh RAS more than 250 students of different Russian universities undergo trainings. The most closely connected with ESC departments are bioorganic chemistry subdepartment of MSU (leader — academician V. Ivanov) and physicochemical biology and biotechnology subdepartment of MIPT (leader — professor A. Arsenyev).

Full educational program of SEC includes delivering special lectures which end up with examinations and set-offs, doing lab works during large practical training session in key areas of physicochemical biology and biotechnology and, finally, making research work. So these lab practical trainings make a big difference of educational process in ESC: for preparing up-to-date qualified manpower much attention is given to practical use of knowledge. Lab works takes there almost the same time as lecture course. To make them more effective, groups of students consist of not more than 4–5 fellows — this is the most similar to individual form of studying. Moreover, there is an unique technical equipment for such lab works that gives opportunity for students not only to learn cutting-edge practical methods, but to learn them safety for environment and, certainly, for these students themselves.

After finishing theoretical and practical course in ESC, students are assigned to research departments of the IBCh RAS for preparing yearly projects and degree works. They have an ability to work with the most actual scientific problems, use the most modern laboratory equipment, and take part in scientific workshops and colloquiums. The best of students’ researches are given to yearly contest of young scientists and specialists’ research works, and the best of graduates can continue education in the Institutes’s postgraduate course.

Staff of the IBCh RAS actively takes part in education of students. Leading scientists of the Institute — members of RAS and RAMS, professors, doctors of science and PhDs, leaders of departments — deliver special lecture courses, conduct lab works, and supervise scientific projects during students’ preparing researches.

For multiyear contribution to education of high-qualified manpower, in 2007 prize of Russian Federation Government was awarded to the director of the Institute academician V. Ivanov and the leader of SEC T. Ovchinnikova.

Tatiana Ovchinnikova, Prof., D.Scdept. head
Sergey Balandin, Ph.D.s. r. f.
Ivan Bogdanov, Ph.D.s. r. f.
Ekaterina Finkina, Ph.D.s. r. f.
Daria Melnikova, Ph.D.s. r. f.
Pavel Panteleev, Ph.D.s. r. f.
Andrej Tagaevs. r. f.
Ilia Bolosovr. f.
Svetlana Guryanova, Ph.D.r.
Antoshina D.V.j. r. f.
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