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7th Russian-Japanese Symposium “Molecular Simulation Studies in Material and Biological Sciences”

MSSMBS symposium is held in IBCh on September 22, 2014 (BON, 5th floor).

September 21–22, 2014 (This event is over)

Chugunov A.O.

The MSSMBS-2014 workshop has appeared to provide an ideal opportunity to discuss the latest developments and exchange fundamental and technical ideas in the field of computational material and biological sciences. Especially, as Organizers were planning, the MSSMBS-2014 would promote establishing very close cooperation between young researchers that helps to strengthen future scientific relationships between Russia and Japan. In the framework of the MSSMBS-2014, the presentation talks and lectures would be given not only by leading Russian and Japanese scientists, but also by young researchers from Russia and Japan covering the following topics: the development of high performance computers and new theoretical methods; computational techniques in modern material and biological sciences, and so on. The contributions of Russian young scientists are greatly welcome to make their bridges with Japanese and Russian colleagues for the future joint research and cooperation.

The research topics to be covered at MSSMBS-2014 are the following:

  • Computational methods and techniques;
  • Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations;
  • First-principles calculations;
  • Novel quantum mechanical methods (DFT, QM/MM, hybrid, etc.);
  • GPU accelerated molecular dynamics;
  • Molecular dynamics simulations of protein folding;
  • Mutation transition effects in protein structures;
  • MD and Monte Carlo simulations of radiation-induced mutations;
  • Chemical and nanostructure design (crystal, liquid and polymer systems);
  • General- & special-purpose MD machines;
  • Modern communication architecture;

The MSSMBS-2014 workshop will be hosted by M.M. Shemyakin and Yu.A. Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IBCh RAS) in the capital city Moscow. We will provide a broad discussion on development and application of computational approaches in material and biological sciences.

Conference program and abstracts book are attached.

september 10, 2014

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