Methods Mol Biol, 2020, 2063:207-234

Molecular Pathway Analysis of Mutation Data for Biomarkers Discovery and Scoring of Target Cancer Drugs.

DNA mutations govern cancer development. Cancer mutation profiles vary dramatically among the individuals. In some cases, they may serve as the predictors of disease progression and response to therapies. However, the biomarker potential of cancer mutations can be dramatically (several orders of magnitude) enhanced by applying molecular pathway-based approach. We developed Oncobox system for calculation of pathway instability (PI) values for the molecular pathways that are aggregated mutation frequencies of the pathway members normalized on gene lengths and on number of genes in the pathway. PI scores can be effective biomarkers in different types of comparisons, for example, as the cancer type biomarkers and as the predictors of tumor response to target therapies. The latter option is implemented using mutation drug score (MDS) values, which algorithmically rank the drugs capacity of interfering with the mutated molecular pathways. Here, describe the mathematical basis and algorithms for PI and MDS values calculation, validation and implementation. The example analysis is provided encompassing 5956 human tumor mutation profiles of 15 cancer types from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project, that totally make 2,316,670 mutations in 19,872 genes and 1748 molecular pathways, thus enabling ranking of 128 clinically approved target drugs. Our results evidence that the Oncobox PI and MDS approaches are highly useful for basic and applied aspects of molecular oncology and pharmacology research.

Zolotovskaia M, Sorokin M, Garazha A, Borisov N, Buzdin A

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