Heliyon, 2021, 7(3):e06394

Human blood serum can donor-specifically antagonize effects of EGFR-targeted drugs on squamous carcinoma cell growth

We investigated 1630 colorectal and lung squamous carcinomas and 1357 normal lung and colon samples and observed huge variation in EGFR pathway activation in both cancerous and healthy tissues, irrespectively on EGFR gene mutation status. We investigated whether human blood serum can affect squamous carcinoma cell growth and EGFR drug response. We demonstrate that human serum antagonizes the effects of EGFR-targeted drugs erlotinib and cetuximab on A431 squamous carcinoma cells by increasing IC50 by about 2- and 20-fold, respectively. The effects on clonogenicity varied significantly across the individual serum samples in every experiment, with up to 100% differences. EGF concentration could explain many effects of blood serum samples, and EGFR ligands-depleted serum showed lesser effect on drug sensitivity. Lung cancer, colorectal cancer, EGFR, HER-targeted therapy, human blood serum, cetuximab, erlotinib, trastuzumab, EGF, neuregulin, NRG, TGF-alpha, squamous cell carcinoma, A431, drug resistance.

Kamashev D, Sorokin M, Kochergina I, Drobyshev A, Vladimirova U, Zolotovskaia M, Vorotnikov I, Shaban N, Raevskiy M, Kuzmin D, Buzdin A

IBCH: 9143
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