Peptides, 2011, 32(4):826-831

JmjC-domain-containing histone demethylases of the JMJD1B type as putative precursors of endogenous DSIP

Delta sleep inducing peptide (WAGGDASGE, DSIP) is a well known multifunctional regulatory peptide. Numerous studies have confirmed its stress-protective and adaptive activity which is independent of the origin or nature of the stress or other harmful factors. However, the biosynthetic origin of DSIP remains obscure, since nothing is known of its protein precursor(s) and their encoding gene(s). We have performed a comprehensive analysis of available gene and protein databases for homologous peptide sites within mammalian resources including man. A family of Jumonji C (JmjC)-domain-containing histone demethylases was shown to contain a sequence fragment closely homologous to DSIP. One type of these ubiquitous and phylogenetically ancient proteins encoded by JMJD1B gene includes the WKGGNASGE sequence that differs from DSIP by only 2 amino acid residues in positions 2 and 5. The respective peptide was synthesized and its biological effects were evaluated in a preliminary way in the forced swimming and antitoxic tests. We suggest that the histone demethylases of the JmjC-group containing DSIP-related region can be considered as possible protein precursors of endogenous peptides with DSIP-like activity. © 2011 Elsevier Inc.

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