Russian journal of bioorganic chemistry (editorship)

In 1975 on the second director of IBCh RAS academician Yu.A. Ovchinnikov’s initiative, magazine “Bioorganicheskaya khimiya” (“Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry”) was made. Term “bioorganic chemistry” for its editorial is a wide range of scientific issues, connected with developing biomolecules’ structure and functions with biochemical, organo-chemical and physicochemical methods. There are articles about developing bioorganic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, immunology, molecular virology and evolution, molecular developmental biology in the magazine.

They issue “Bioorganicheskaya khimiya” (“Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry”) 6 times per year and publish roundups, experimental and theoretic works, hypotheses, short messages. The copies are put in editorial’s disposal in Russian and then translated into English by the team of professional hi-qualified translators – specialists in some special parts of bioorganic chemistry.

Articles of foreign authors or their reports from different symposiums can be published in English in Russian version of the magazine.

“Bioorganicheskaya khimiya” (“Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry”) is published by International publishing company “Nauka/Interperiodica” in Russian (“Bioorganicheskya Khimiya”) and at the same time in collaboration with Pleiades Publishing Inc. – in English (“Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry”, before 1993 – “Soviet Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry”):

Ivanov Vadim T., Chief Editor

Korolenko Nikolay I., Editor-in-Chief

Miroshnikova Lyudmila I., Scientific Editor

Panteleeva Elena A., Editor

Korolenko N.I.editor
Irina Mihura, Ph.D.editor
Panteleeva E.A.editor
Subbotina M.E.editor
Irina Kovrigaasst.

Previously worked here

Tolstikova E.L.
Miroshnikova L.I., Ph.D.
Shadskaya A.M.
Barsukov L.I., AP, Ph.D.

Korolenko N.I.

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