Group for Genomic Regulation of Cell Signaling Systems

Department of Genomics and Postgenomic Technologies

Head: Anton Buzdin

Genome- and Transcriptome Wide Analysis of Gene Expression in Higher Eukaryotes; Identification of Major Molecular Genetic Aspects of Human Speciation; Engineering of human tissue specific gene regulatory sequences; Recovery of new molecular genetic oncom

Our group exists since February 2006 when it had separated from the group supervised by Dr. Yuri Lebedev in the Laboratory of Human Genes Structure and Functions. First of all, the head of the above laboratory, professor Eugene Sverdlov, is our scientific guru.

  1. Functional genomic analysis of human specific DNA
  2. Design of new experimental techniques for large scale functional studies of the complex genomes
  3. Engineering of gene regulatory sequences
  1. Discovery of chimeric retroelements in the mammalian genomes
  2. Development of new experimental techniques for functional genomics
  3. Identification of gene regulatory regions in the human specific DNA
  4. Directed differentiation of several stem cell cultures

Anton Buzdin

Russia, Moscow, Ul. Miklukho-Maklaya 16/10 — On the map