Group of synthetic biology

Department of Biomolecular Chemistry

Head: Sarkisyan K.S.

plant synthetic biology, luminescence, fluorescence

Synthetic biology group, headed by Karen Sarkisyan, was formed in 2017 as a part of the Department of Biomolecular Chemistry. The main focus of research of the group is the development of new bioluminescence-based imaging technologies, with the focus on reporter tools for plants.  

The group also works on protein design, molecular characterisation of new bioluminescent systems and identification of genes coding for biosynthesis of biologically active molecules. 

The most up-to-date list of our publications is available from Google Scholar.


Bioluminescent plants

Sarkisyan K.S.s. r. f.
Anastasia Balakireva, Ph.D.r. f.
Dmitry Gorbachevr. f.
Popova V.V.r. f.
Volkov P.V.r. f.
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