Valery M. Lipkin

Personal information

The position is a post-graduate student, a junior scientific researcher, a senior scientific researcher (1965—1986); the head of the laboratory of hormonal regulation proteins (1986—to present day); the deputy director (1987—2008); the head of the Institute’s Pushchino Branch (1987—2004).

Doing educational work in Pushchino state university, dean of physico-chemical biology and biotechnology EC, MPTI, department of physico-chemical biology and biotechnology as hourly teacher.


PeriodCountry, cityEducation institutionAdditional info
1959–1964 Russia, Moscow D.I. Mendeleev Moscow chemical-engineering Institute engineer-technologist (chemistry)
1982 Russia, Moscow D.Sc. in chemistry (bioorganic chemistry)

Scientific interests

Top-level specialist in protein and peptide chemistry. Dr. V. Lipkin goes in for investigations of the proteins, involved in transmembrane signal transduction, cells differentiation and apoptosis.

Awards & honors

  • 1975: Leninskiy Komsomol Prize;
  • 1981: Order of International friendship;
  • 1982: USSR State Prize;
  • 1997: Yu.A. Ovchinnikov Prize.

Main scientific results

V.M. Lipkin was a member of a team under the leadership of Academician Yu.A. Ovchinnikov, which in 1972 for the first time in our country determined the amino acid sequence of the protein — aspartat aminotransferase. In 1975—1985 V.M. Lipkin was engaged in the investigation of E. coli DNA-dependent RNA-polymerase. In cooperation with the colleagues he has determined amino acid sequences of all subunits of the enzyme, elaborated methods of chemical and photochemical affine modification of its active centers, elucidated the molecular mechanism of RNA-polymerase inhibition by riphampycin antibiotic. The investigations contributed significantly to clarification of transcription mechanisms.

Scientific societies’ membership

  • Editorial Board member of “Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry”;
  • Member of RAS Scientific Council in bioorganic chemistry.

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