Stained-glass windows in passages between buildings of IBCh

All complex of the IBCh RAS building is connected with passages with beautiful stained-glass windows on the 5th ground. Apart from a communicative aim, they have places for short brakes.


  • "The Biology day for everyone" in the IBCh: how it was science news IV.28

    Festival of Science, exhibitions of Polytechnic museum, Geek Picnic, Gutenberg’s Kurilka, Scientific fights, open lectures at universities. All of these scientific and popular events attract a wide audience. The activists of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry decided that it is time for the institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences to maintain interest both adult and children in the natural sciences and the desire to grow. Therefore, on April 26 in IBCh was "The Biology day for everyone". 

  • Investors have come to academic institutions for ideas science news IV.20

    Private companies, from pharmaceutical giants to small investment funds, in dire need of fresh ideas in the field of medicine and biotechnology. Confirmation of this has served as a meeting of representatives of Bayer and venture Primer Capital Fund with the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry which took place on April 15th which made by Young Scientists Council. Moreover the company did not have prior arrangement with each other.

  • Cellular "highways" reveal mechanisms of melanoma science news IV.12

    Anton Buzdin, researcher from Shemyakin–Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences together with colleagues from China, the USA and Switzerland used a new type of biomarkers – molecular pathways that have helped to trace the development of skin cancer: from normal to malignant tumors. Based on it scientists created a melanoma diagnosis system in its early stages. The article was published in "Oncotarget" magazine.