January 6, 2019 — December 31, 2021

Zaraisky A.G. (PI)

Laboratory of molecular bases of embryogenesis

Grant, RSF

List of publications

  1. Ermakova GV, Kucheryavyy AV, Zaraisky AG, Bayramov AV (2020). Discovery of four Noggin genes in lampreys suggests two rounds of ancient genome duplication. Communications Biology 3 (1), 501
  2. Martynova NY, Parshina EA, Eroshkin FM, Zaraisky AG (2020). The Cytoskeletal Protein Zyxin Modulates the Expression of the Target Genes of the Shh Signaling Cascade in the Cells of the Neural Plate of Embryos of the Spur-Toed Frog Xenopus laevis. Russ. J. Bioorganic Chem. 46 (4), 530–536
  3. Parshina EA, Eroshkin FM, Оrlov EE, Gyoeva FK, Shokhina AG, Staroverov DB, Belousov VV, Zhigalova NA, Prokhortchouk EB, Zaraisky AG, Martynova NY (2020). Cytoskeletal Protein Zyxin Inhibits the Activity of Genes Responsible for Embryonic Stem Cell Status. Cell Rep 33 (7), 108396
  4. Bayramov AV, Ermakova GV, Zaraisky AG (2020). Genetic Mechanisms of the Early Development of the Telencephalon, a Unique Segment of the Vertebrate Central Nervous System, as Reflecting Its Emergence and Evolution. RUSS J DEV BIOL 51, 162–175
  5. Ermakova GV, Kucheryavyy AV, Zaraisky AG, Bayramov AV (2020). Heterochrony of the Expression of Lanf and Foxg1 in the Lamprey Confirms the Appearance of the Telencephalon as an Evolutionarily Young Superstructure in the Central Nervous System of Vertebrates. RUSS J DEV BIOL 51, 246–254
  6. Parshina E, Zaraisky AG, Martynova NY (2020). The Role of Maternal pou5f3.3/oct60 Gene in the Regulation of Initial Stages of Tissue Differentiation during Xenopus laevis Embryogenesis. Russ. J. Bioorganic Chem. 46 (6), 1172–1180