A group of researchers from the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Queen’s University (Canada), in conjunction with the Institute of Macromolecular Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has studied the role of sialic acid in cancer development. The results of their research showed that cancer cells can be manipulated by properly adjusting the acid’s levels, and this can possibly halt the spread of metastases. Their findings were published in the Oncotarget magazine.


  • Protein Complex FACT able to unwind Nucleosomes without expending Energy science news XII.7

    A group of researchers from the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the RAS and Moscow State University, in collaboration with the University of Utah, has for the first time successfully made use of the FRET-microscopy method to demonstrate the ability of nucleosomes to reversibly unwind under the action of FAST without expending any energy. The data obtained will in the future help scientists understand what role this protein complex plays in actively dividing cells in tumor tissues. The results of this breakthrough research were published in the Nature Structural & Molecular Biology journal.

  • Scientists discover the effect of red light on fluorescent protein science news XI.21

    Researchers at the M.M. Shemyakin and Yu.A. Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, together with their colleagues from the Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy, have come up with a new method of switching the Dendra2 fluorescent protein from its green to its red form. This phenomenon avoid inflicting any damage to the cells under study, and can be used by a wide range of researchers. The research results were published in the Chemical Сommunications Journal.

  • Nobel Laureate in Chemistry visited Russia with lectures science news X.18

    Arieh Warshel, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013 for "the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems", had made his first visit in Russia to take part in the Forum unifying the 5th Physiological Congress of CIS and 5th Congress of the Russian Biochemical Society (Dagomys, Sochi, October 4-9, 2016). Professor Warshel had gone by invitation of corresponding member of the RAS, deputy sci-director of the IBCh RAS Alexander Gabibov.