Postgraduate course of the IBCh RAS

The main form of after-university mapnower’s education is a postgraduate courses.

Department of a postgraduate course of the IBCh RAS has been since 1959 — year of the Institute’s foundation. Then was made first intake (“nesmeyanovskiy intake”) and among them were people who devoted their lifes to science and work in IBCh: Molotkovskiy Yu., Shkrob A., Chizhov O., Berlin Yu., Vaskovskiy V. Some of them are still working in the Institute.

Nowadays a postgraduate course is a competent structural department of the IBCh RAS and it exercise education and research in such areas as: physical chemistry, bioorganical chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology.

Postgraduate course’ period is 3 years. For foreigners can be offered places in hall of residence.


Director of the Depatment of postgraduate course

Savelieva Yulia Rudolfovna