Ekaterina V. Moiseeva


PeriodCountry, cityEducation institutionAdditional info
1972–1977 Moscow, USSR Moscow State University, Biological Faculty, Department of Embryology Zoologist, specialization in Embryology
2000–2005 The Netherlands, Utrecht Utrecht Universityб Veterinary Faculty, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology PhD study, Philosophy doctor, PhD

Scientific interests

1. Immune system - tumor interplay: immunological oncology (oncoimmunology)

2. Histopathology of breast cancer and lymphoma

3. Development of novel mouse models of human chronic inflammation diseases

Main scientific results

1. Creation of original  collection that consisted of 5 mouse inbred strains with various incidences of mammary cancer and leukemic lymphoma and maintaince this collection in non-SPF conditions.

2. Development of original set of mouse models of human malignant diseases followed by chronic inflammation.     

3. Development of novel individualized 3S-paradigm of experimental biomedical science (individual and predictive mouse data appropriate for personalized modern medicine).

4. Two books were published in English in the Netherlands (Utrecht University, 2005) and Germany (2009)

Scientific societies’ membership

1. Member of European Personalized Medicine Association (EPMA)

2. Advisor on medical questions in Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

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