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Elena Frolova

Fluorogenic marker for instant live-cell membrane staining and imaging

In collaboration with Group of Molecular Physiology,  Laboratory of molecular theranostics

A new organic-compound-based fluorogenic marker has been created for live-cell membrane staining. Unlike current commercial cell markers, the obtained fluorogenic marker does not fluoresce in the aquatic environment, but acquires fluorescence immediately after being placed in a nonpolar medium, for example, in the cell membrane. This property allows one to instantly stain cells without further washing out the unbound dye. This marker can be applied in fluorescence microscopy for live-cell imaging and flow cytometry.


  1. Pakhomov AA, Deyev IE, Ratnikova NM, Chumakov SP, Mironiuk VB, Kononevich YN, Muzafarov AM, Martynov VI (2017). BODIPY-based dye for no-wash live-cell staining and imaging. Biotechniques 63 (2), 77–79