Group of in silico analysis of membrane proteins structure

Anton Chugunov,
Irina Paninaj. r.

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KV1.2 Сhannel-Specific Blocker from Scorpion Venom: Structural Basis of Selectivity (2018-11-27)

Laboratory of Molecular Instruments for Neurobiology is known for systematic study of Arthropods’ venoms and derived peptides that specifically target various ion channels. Scorpions’ venom is abundant with potassium channels (Kv) blockers, and this diversity was described in previously released in Kalium database.

In cooperation with Laboratory of optical microscopy and spectroscopy of biomolecules and Group of nanobioengineering an unique screening system permitted identification in the Mesobuthus eupeus scorpion venom of Kv1.2 blocker: peptide MeKTx11-1 binging with high affinity (IC50 ≈0,2 nM) and specificity (effect on Kv1.1, 1.3 and 1.6 emerges at >100-fold higher concentrations). This peptide differs from the related MeKTx11-3 by just two residues, possessing substantially lower Kv1.2-specificity.

Finally, Group of in silico analysis of membrane proteins structure conducted a molecular modeling study of these two peptides interacting with Kv1.2 channel, immersed into an explicit lipid bilayer. This study uncovered mechanism of selective action of MeKTx11-1 peptide. The developed analysis technique will be of use for future design of selective ligands of Kv and other channels, which may be applied in fundamental studies of molecular basis of nervous system function and as drugs prototypes.