Сизова Светлана Викторовна

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Научный сотрудник (Лаборатория полимеров для биологии)

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Избранные публикации

  1. Zubov V.P., Kapustin D.V., Generalova A.N., Yagudaeva E.Y.u., Vikhrov A.A., Sizova S.V., Muidinov M.R. (2007). Modification of solids with polymer nanolayers as a process for manufacture of novel biomaterial. POLYMER SCIENCE SERIES A 49 (12), 1247–1264 [+]

    The results of study on the chemical deposition of polymeric coatings of a nanoscale thickness on porous and flat inorganic matrices and encapsulation of nano-and microparticles in polymer shells are discussed. Procedures for the deposition of homogeneous defect-free coatings are detailed by using polytetrafluoroethylene, polyaniline, and their derivatives as examples. The matrices modified with nanosized polytetrafluoroethylene and polyaniline layers are promising biomaterials for one-step isolation of nucleic acids from complex biological mixtures (cell and tissue lysates, whole blood, plant feedstock), as well as for high-performance chromatography of proteins and other biopolymers. Approaches to the fabrication of polymer shells on luminescent nanocrystals of (CdSe)ZnS via the inclusion of the nanocrystals in micrometer-sized particles based on acrolein-styrene copolymers and the formation of polymer shells directly on nanoparticles are discussed. It was shown that polymer-functionalized luminescent nanocrystals hold promise as bioanalytical reagents.