Dmitry V. Kapustin

Personal information

Dmitry Kapustin (Research Scientist, PhD) is a Head of the Polymer Sorbents Group. He supervised more than 30 graduate students (BSc, MSc), and 2 PhD student got their PhD under his supervision.

He is an author of more than 100 papers, patents and thesisis.


PeriodCountry, cityEducation institutionAdditional info
2021 Russia, Moscow Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry RAS Doctor of Sciense degree
1988–1993 Russia, Moscow M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology Ms in chemistry
2000 Russia, Moscow M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology PhD in chemistry

Scientific interests

His research interests include the development of new methods for preparation and use of the composite polymer-containing materials for immobilization, isolation, concentration and purification of biopolymers, in particular nucleic acids and proteins. He is also interested in the design of functionalized polymer films of nano-sized structures on various surfaces for biodetection and bioseparation. He has contributed to a number of patent applications, in particular those related to sorbents for nucleic acids isolation.

Awards & honors

Authorial award granted by "Nauka" edition for the article: Zubov V.P., Kapustin D.V., Generalova A.N., Yagudaeva E.Yu., Vikhrov A.A., Sizova S.V., Muydinov M.R. Modification of Solids with Polymer Nanolayers as a Process for Manufacture of Novel Biomaterials. Polymer Science Series A. 49 (12), 1247-1264, (2007). 

Grants & projects

PeriodAdditional info
1997–1999 Grant RFBR 97-03-32781-a. 'Structure and properties of flexible-chain polymer at the interface' - Executive.
1998–2000 Grant RFBR 98-03-32122-a. 'Polycondensation of surfactant-monomers in monolayers for preparation of polymer organized supramolecular structures' = Executive.
2001–2003 Grant RFBR 01-03-33115-a. 'Composite multicomponent polymer systems with controlled functional activity' - Executive.
2001–2003 Grant RFBR 01-04-49253-a. 'Study of specificity of sial-bonded lectins (sigleks) and their effects on the processes of carbonhedrate-protein recognition at cell level' - Executive.
2002–2004 Grant RFBR 02-04-48819-a. 'New 3D-systems for cultivation of animal cells' - Executive in charge. Synthesis of new copolymer composites for cell immobilization. Phisical-chemical characterization of the developed materials.
2003–2005 ISTC No 1233, 2033-2055. 'Development of immunofiltrational and immunoenzymatic express-diagnostic test-systems for diagnostics of infection diseases' (in collaroration with GPI RAS). - Executive. Modification of slide and capillariy surfaces.
2004–2006 Grant RFBR 04-03-32465-a. 'New multicomponent pH-sensitive systems with immobilized ultra-thin polymer phases'. - Executive in charge. Synthesis and characterization of new biocatalist with controlled functional activity based on immobilized bacterial lypase.
2007–2008 Government contract of Minobrnauka RF 2/01-07/IBCh, 2007-2008. - Executive in charge, project manager. Development of Specification. Synthesis of the adsorbent and optimization of  bioseparationg element geometry. Elaboration of the protocol of bioseparationg element  use (in collaboration with IBPM RAS, Putshino). Thechnical and Financial documentation maintenance.
2007–2009 FP6 Project DIAGNOSIS ('Development of new and cost effective methods for non-invasive diagnosis of human pathogens'), LSHB-CT-2006-037212: 2007-2009 - Executive in charge, manager from IBCh. Development and characterisation of  new composite polymercontaining adsorbents for separation of nucleic acids depending on their secondary structure. Thechnical and Financial documentation maintenance.          
2007–2009 Contract 7-705/08 between IBCh RAS and 'Biotical Medicine Center' (Moscow). - Sample-preparation for detection of aminoacids and vitamins in biological samples. - Project leader. deve;opment of method for effective isolation of aqueous- and liposoluble vitamins and aminoacids by solid-phase extraction for HPLC analysis. The sample-preparation. 
2004–2010 FP6 Project NACBO ('Novel and Improved Nanomaterials, Chemistries and Apparatus for Nano-Biotechnology'), NMP4-CT-2004-500804: 2004 – 2009 - Executive in charge, project manager from IBCh. development of novel method for preparation and immobilization of polymer nanolayers for bioseparation and bioanalysis. Thechnical and Financial documentation maintenance. 
2011–2011 Contract between IBCh RAS and 'AMBER GmbH' (St-Petersburg, Russia) in framework Government contract 9411.1003702.13.031 ('Developnment and optimization of high-effective complex system for one-step isolation, purification and concentartion of nucleic acids for PCR-analysis to detect and identify microorganisms and DNA-markers') -  Executive in charge. Synthesis of the adsorbents, elaboration of bioseparationg elements. Thechnical and Financial documentation maintenance. 
2011–2012 Contract No 01/12/2011 (09.12.2011) entitled  "Development of the biodegradable composite polymer material based on chitosane and the method of its preparation. Developmnet of the model stent prototypes based on mentioned material, which are suitable for physical-chemical treatment  to prepare the intravascular stents" -  In the framework of Skolkovo grant No 18 (28.06.2011) as a part of Innovation Project "Development of the general-purpose endovascular implants (stents) having biodegradation properties" - Project leader. 
2013–2014 FP7 Project SaveMe ('A Modular Nanosystems Platform for Advanced Cancer Management: Nano-Vehicles; Tumor Targeting and Penetration Agents; Mocelular Imaging, Degradome based Therapy'), Grant agreement No 263307: 2011-2015 - Financial documentation maintenance. 

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