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Olga Britanova

Formation of the CD4+ and regulatory CD4+ T cell receptor repertoire.

We studied how different allelic variants of MHC class II shape the TCR repertoires of naive helper and regulatory CD4 + T lymphocytes in two mouse lines. We reveal profound differences in the diversity, convergence, and physicochemical properties of their antigen-interacting regions TCR CDR3 among repertoires of these mouse strains. At the population level, such differences are likely to influence individual susceptibility to infections and autoimmunity.

In our other study, we found that CD4 + lymphocytes with the T memory-like phenotype have been found in the umbilical cord blood and in the embryonic intestine. A rare population of memory CD4+ T cells produce proinflammatory spectrum of cytokines and is characterized by a highly similar TCR repertoires of these cells between different donors, which may indicate the formation of memory in response to similar foreign antigens.


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