Баирамашвили Дмитрий Ильич

Избранные публикации

  1. Skoblov M.Y., Shibanova E.D., Kovaleva E.V., Bairamashvili D.I., Skoblov Y.S., Miroshnikov A.I. (2010). DNA Assay for Recombinant Pharmaceutical Substances Using the Real_Time PCR Technique. Russ. J. Bioorgan. Chem. 36 (1), 104–108 ID:266
  2. Gusarov D., Nekipelova V., Gusarova V., Lasman V., Bairamashvili D. (2009). Displacement effect during HPLC preparative purification of human insulin. J. Chromatogr. B Analyt. Technol. Biomed. Life Sci 877 (11-12), 1216–20 [+]

    HPLC plays a key role in the preparative purification of human insulin. A21-desamidoinsulin is one of the impurities that possesses the chromatographic behavior similar to that of insulin and hence separation from this by-product is rather difficult at the process scale. During the optimization of insulin reversed-phase HPLC purification, when a column was sufficiently overloaded, the effect of displacement of A21-desamidoinsulin molecules from active groups of sorbent by insulin ones was observed. It was suggested that monocarboxylic acid and organic modifier in mobile phase are responsible for the esterification during which the formed ester promotes the displacement effect. This effect was studied in order to optimize the purification of human insulin at the process scale.

  3. Безуглов В.В., Грецкая Н.М., Клинов Д.В., Бобров М.Ю., Шибанова Е.Д., Акимов М.Г., Фомина-Агеева Е.В., Зинченко Г.Н., Баирамашвили Д.И., Мирошников А.И. (2009). Нанокомплексы рекомбинантных белков с полисиаловой кислотой. Получение, свойства и биологическая активность. Биоорг. хим. 35 (3), 350–356 ID:197
  4. Gusarov D.A., Gusarova V.D., Mikhalev A.V., Lasman V.A., Bairamashvili D.I., Mironov A.F., Senatorova N.K., Senatorov A.V. (2009). [Validation of a method for monitoring of genetically engineered human insulin manufacture]. Bioorg. Khim. 35 (1), 55–61 [+]

    A method for monitoring the manufacture of genetically engineered human insulin by HPLC was developed. The method was validated by the estimation of its linearity, correctness, accuracy, specificity, and stability; the limits of detection and quantitative assessment were also determined. It was proven that HPLC analysis enables reliable and reproducible results to be obtained and can be used for monitoring insulin manufacture.

  5. Gusarov D.A., Gusarova V.D., Bairamashvili D.I., Mironov A.F. (2009). [Gene engineered insulin and its pharmaceutical analogs]. Biomed Khim 54 (6), 624–42 [+]

    Studies of replacement therapy of diabetes mellitus resulted in introduction of series of forms of insulin and new insulin analogs which exhibit better control of blood glucose level. The present paper deals with basic tendencies in this field.

  6. Gusarova V., Vorobjeva T., Gusarov D., Lasman V., Bairamashvili D. (2007). Size-exclusion chromatography based on silica-diol for the analysis of the proinsulin fusion protein. J Chromatogr A 1176 (1-2), 157–62 [+]

    Size-exclusion chromatography based on silica-diol sorbent was employed to analyze the recombinant proinsulin fusion protein obtained during the process of refolding and the following ion-exchange purification. The assay was qualified as a control method estimating its accuracy, precision, linearity, limit of detection, limits of quantitation, specificity, and robustness. The results show the reliability for the intended use.

  7. Bairamashvili D.I., Rabinovich M.L. (2007). Russia through the prism of the world biopharmaceutical market. Biotechnol J 2 (7), 801–17 [+]

    Trends in the Russian pharmaceutical biotechnology and related fields representing the major sector of domestic biotech are reviewed through the prism of the world biopharmaceuticals market. A special emphasis is placed on biogenerics and follow-on biologics. The revival of national pharmbiotech is seen in close cooperation between private companies and the state, academia and industry. One of the first positive steps toward promoting development of domestic biopharmaceuticals is the Federal Program of subsidized supply of expensive pharmaceuticals (Dopolnitel'- noe Lekarstvennoe Obespechenie). The program allows the Russian government to purchases expensive drugs to be provided free of cost to certain preferential categories of individuals. As an example, production of recombinant human insulin by the largest Russian fundamental biotechnological institute, Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry under the trademark Insuran (Insulin produced by the Russian Academy of Science) is reviewed. Some prospects and problems of Russian biotech research related to medical area are briefly discussed.

  8. Urmantseva V.V., Gaevskaya O.A., Karyagina T.B., Bairamashvili D.I. (2005). The Effect of Amino Acids as Components of Nutrient Medium on the Accumulation of Protoberberine Alkaloids in the Cell Culture of Thalictrum minus. Russian Journal of Plant Physiology 52 (3), 388–391 ID:265