Артамонов Игорь Дмитриевич

Кандидат химических наук

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  1. Ovchinnikov Yu.A., Abdulaev N.G., Zolotarev A.S., Artamonov I.D., Bespalov I.A., Dergachev A.E., Tsuda M. (1988). Octopus rhodopsin. Amino acid sequence deduced from cDNA. FEBS Lett. 232 (1), 69–72 [+]

    The primary structure of rhodopsin from the octopus Paroctopus defleini has been determined by parallel analysis of the protein and corresponding cDNA. The amino acid sequence is most similar to the recently cloned Drosophila opsins. Similarities to bovine and human opsins are also evident. The transmembrane topology of octopus rhodopsin is discussed.