Educational & scientific center of the IBCh RAS Branch

Physical chemistry and biotechnology educational & scientific center (ESC) of the Pushchino Branch was founded in 1995 as a branch of the ESC IBCh RAS. It prepares manpower for biochemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology.

During courses a lot of attention is being paid to methods of production of new medicines (peptide by nature: interferones, new variants of somatotropic hormones, proteins-entomocides, mutants of lymphotoxins, hybrids of tumor necrosis factors and so on), invention and construction of peptides which make value of crops rise and make them more able to stand a strain.

For educational process and scientific research are used a material and technical basis, scientific production and intellectual potentials of the Institutes Branch. Almost all structural departments of the Institute take parts in the education of new manpower. Students of the Branchs ESC have opportunity to complete a practical course in a unique artificial climate station BIOTRON, in laboratory of biological tests and in other scientific departments of the Branch.

ESC of the Institutes Branch:

  • offers two-year course on masters educational programs in PushSU, which suggests specializing in area of protein engineering and biotechnology;
  • conducts scientific research workshops on a base of the Institutes Branch for students of MSU (biological faculty and faculty of fundamental medicine);
  • offers three-year courses for PushSU postgraduates;
  • offers three-year courses for postgraduates of Puschino MSU Branch;
  • offers three-year courses for other postgraduates who specialize in bioorganic chemistry and biotechnology;
  • offers allocation of senior students for preparing of yearly projects and degree works;
  • offers its participation in extension courses and courses for specializing of scientists in protein engineering;

Yearly there are 4060 students in ESC of the Institutes Branch. High achievers of educational and sci-research works can get by the contest state and special scholarships and a scholarship of Administration of the Moscow region.

The best students researches are usually presented on different yearly competitions of young scientists and specialists works. Four years, approximately 20 people (masters and postgraduates) from Physical chemistry and biotechnology ESC became scholarship holders of Soros Fund.