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Vadim Tikhonovich Ivanov has passed away

An outstanding scientist, director of the IBCh RAS, winner of many awards, professor, academician Vadim Tikhonovich Ivanov has passed away on Friday, 8 April 2022.

Vadim Tikhonovich Ivanov, the oldest employee of the IBCh RAS, was born on September 18, 1937. At the age of 23 he graduated from MSU and started his work at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry (at that time - the Institute of Chemistry of Natural Compounds of the USSR Academy of Sciences). The Institute changed its name, as did the positions of Vadim Tikhonovich. But as he proudly said, he has only one entry in his employment history which was connected specifically with this Institute. Having started his career as a graduate student, he was appointed director in 1988 and led the Institute for almost 30 years. In the difficult period for Russian science in the 1990s, thanks to the authority and efforts of Vadim Tikhonovich, it was possible to maintain the scientific potential of the Institute.

V.T. Ivanov took an active part in the life of the Russian Academy of Sciences; he was the head of the section of physical and chemical biology and deputy academician-secretary of the Division of Biological Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

A prominent Russian scientist, laureate of the Lenin and State Prizes, prizes of the Government of the Russian Federation, academician Vadim Tikhonovich Ivanov made a huge contribution to the development of peptide chemistry in our country. He is a recognized authority in this field in the world. His works cover a wide range of problems in the chemistry of natural and physiologically active compounds: determination of the chemical and spatial structure, chemical synthesis, elucidation of the relationship between structure and function, study of the molecular mechanism of action, creation of new physiologically active drugs on a rational basis.

In the works of the scientific school of V.T. Ivanov, fundamental research is closely intertwined with the solution of practical problems of biomedicine. Methods have been developed for the synthesis of peptides with antistress, antitumor and immunostimulatory activity, and synthetic vaccines against dangerous human and animal diseases are being developed today. The search for new active peptides in biological samples, the establishment of their primary and spatial structure, chemical synthesis and study of the mechanisms of action are carried out.

Vadim Tikhonovich was always full of ideas and plans: most recently he started research on realizing the diagnostic potential of peptidomics. The profiling of blood serum of patients with various diagnoses has already been carried out, peptide markers of diseases have been discovered, and the possibility of highly specific reliable diagnostics has been shown.

Recognition of the international authority of V.T. Ivanov was his election as Vice President of the Department of Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry of the IUPAC Committee on Organic Chemistry, V.T. Ivanov is a foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences of India, a member of the European Academy of Sciences, Einstein Professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

All activities of V.T. Ivanov were focused on the future: in addition to the development of scientific areas, he, being an honored professor at MSU, prepared the young generation of Russian science.

An active life position and all the activities of V.T. Ivanov was repeatedly marked by government awards: he was awarded five orders and medals. In 2010, the Russian Academy of Sciences awarded him the Lomonosov Gold Medal for brilliant and profound developments in the field of bioorganic chemistry.

The whole life of Vadim Tikhonovich Ivanov was devoted to the life sciences. The scientific school he created, his colleagues and collaborators will undoubtedly develop his scientific ideas, affirm his life and professional principles and always remember his intellectual generosity, freedom, depth and humanity.

All employees of the Institute express their sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased, as well as to all colleagues who knew and highly appreciated Vadim Tikhonovich.

april 8, 2022