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Scientific School for young scientists «Structural biology: main problems and approaches to their solution»

Dear colleagues! The Scientific School is devoted to the latest achievements and methods in the field of structural research will be held at the IBCh RAS on Thursday, 6 June 2019. The scientific program of the School includes lectures by leading scientists working in various fields of molecular biology and representing the basic structural methods, namely, X-ray Crystallography, Cryo-Electron Microscopy, NMR-spectroscopy and computer modeling.

June 6, 2019 (This event is over)

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Goncharuk S.A.

During the school, students will have an outstanding opportunity to become familiar with various methods and approaches to obtain and study complex biological objects: membrane receptors and virus particles. The reports of famous scientists, leaders in the field of structural biology, will allow them to get into the details of the latest research and give an understanding of this field of science in general.

We invite everyone, especially young scientists!

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may 15, 2019