The unit was disbanded in 2023. It is part of the unit Laboratory of optical bioimaging.

Group of molecular tags for optical nanoscopy

Department of Biophotonics

Head: Alexander Mishin

SMLM; smFRET; nanoscopy; fluorescence labaling


The Group is working on the creation of reporter systems adapted for live-cell nanoscopy. The group was formed in 2018.

  • Protein-PAINT method: the reversible interaction of a genetically encoded reporter protein and a small-molecule fluorogenic dye freely penetrating the cytoplasmic membrane allows for high photostability and labeling density of target structures. We have developed green, orange, and red fluorogen-protein pairs suitable for localization microscopy (SMLM) as well as STED 


  • Protein-PAINT / IRES method: a fully genetically encoded version of protein-PAINT based on the reversible interaction of short peptides (K/E helices). The novel protein labeling system  allows for high-density labeling of target structures in prolonged live-cell nanoscopy experiments. 
  • The use of spontaneous blinking of fluorescent proteins and dyes for nanoscopy
  • Genetically encoded tags for STED and RESOLFT
  • luminescence microscopy and imaging 

Alexander Mishin

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