Russ J Plant Physiol, 2018, 65(1):136-142

Biological Activity of Leaf Extracts from Cecropin P1-Synthesizing Kalanchoe Plants: Pharmacological Prospects

The method of producing of water extract from transgenic Kalanchoe pinnata L. plants expressing cecropin P1 gene has been developed and adapted for pharmaceutical production. Chlorophorm has been shown to be an efficient preservative for this extract. The antibiotic activity of the extract has kept well even after 1-h boiling. In addition, the prolonged antimicrobial activity of the extract has been confirmed by the “accelerated aging” method. Being added to culture medium, the leaf extract from transgenic K. pinnata plants has provided more intensive callus growth and improved rhizogenesis in ice plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum). The obtained results demonstrate an increased biological activity of the extract from kalanchoe plants producing antimicrobial cecropin P1 peptide and good prospects for its use in pharmacology.

IBCH: 3190
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