Sci Adv, 2018, 4(11):eaau4580

Autocrine-based selection of ligands for personalized CAR-T therapy of lymphoma.

We report the development of a novel platform to enhance the efficacy and safety of follicular lymphoma (FL) treatment. Since lymphoma is a clonal malignancy of a diversity system, every tumor has a different antibody on its cell surface. Combinatorial autocrine-based selection is used to rapidly identify specific ligands for these B cell receptors on the surface of FL tumor cells. The selected ligands are used in a chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T) format for redirection of human cytotoxic T lymphocytes. Essentially, the format is the inverse of the usual CAR-T protocol. Instead of being a guide molecule, the antibody itself is the target. Thus, these studies raise the possibility of personalized treatment of lymphomas using a private antibody binding ligand that can be obtained in a few weeks.

Stepanov AV, Markov OV, Chernikov IV, Gladkikh DV, Zhang H, Jones T, Senkova AV, Chernolovskaya EL, Zenkova MA, Kalinin RS, Rubtsova MP, Meleshko AN, Genkin DD, Belogurov AA, Xie J, Gabibov AG, Lerner RA

IBCH: 7405
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