Sci Data, 2019, 6(1):73

Kalium 2.0, a comprehensive database of polypeptide ligands of potassium channels.

Potassium channels are the most diverse group of ion channels in humans. They take vital parts in numerous physiological processes and their malfunction gives rise to a range of pathologies. In addition to small molecules, there is a wide selection of several hundred polypeptide ligands binding to potassium channels, the majority of which have been isolated from animal venoms. Until recently, only scorpion toxins received focused attention being systematically assembled in the manually curated Kalium database, but there is a diversity of well-characterized potassium channel ligands originating from other sources. To address this issue, here we present the updated and improved Kalium 2.0 that covers virtually all known polypeptide ligands of potassium channels and reviews all available pharmacological data. In addition to an expansion, we have introduced several new features to the database including posttranslational modification annotation, indication of ligand mode of action, BLAST search, and possibility of data export.

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