Allergy, 2020, 75(10):2574-2586

TCRs with segment TRAV9-2 or a CDR3 histidine are overrepresented among nickel-specific CD4+ T cells.

Nickel is the most frequent cause of T cell-mediated allergic contact dermatitis worldwide. In vitro, CD4+ T cells from all donors respond to nickel but the involved αβ T cell receptor (TCR) repertoire has not been comprehensively analyzed.

Aparicio-Soto M, Riedel F, Leddermann M, Bacher P, Scheffold A, Kuhl H, Timmermann B, Chudakov DM, Molin S, Worm M, Heine G, Thierse HJ, Luch A, Siewert K

IBCH: 8530
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