Artificial Climate Station “BIOTRON”

Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of Plants

Head: Sergey Dolgov, D.Sc, +7(3237)73-17-79#3126

The subdivision is one of the leading Russian laboratories, successfully carrying out research in various areas of plant biotechnology. The employees of the Laboratory face the task of obtaining priority scientific results in the field of molecular biology, the functioning and organization of the plant genome, the creation of biotech forms of new-generation plants for fundamental and applied research that are designed to ensure the development of Russia's agro-industrial complex and promote the development of the production of medical and veterinary substances using plant-producers (bio-factories).

For more than 20 years, the Laboratory has been conducting research on the development of agrobacterial and ballistic methods for the production of transgenic plants of fruit, berry, vegetable, cereals, ornamental crops with new economically valuable traits. During this time, the Laboratory staff received more than a thousand independent transgenic plants from such important agricultural crops as wheat, tomato, apple, pear, plum, carrot, beet, etc. Work is underway to clone plant genes and create modern expression systems and genetic structures for successful modification of genomes of cultivated plants. Since 2000, the Laboratory staff has been conducting field trials of transgenic plants, many of these studies were performed for the first time not only in Russia, but also in the world.

The laboratory operates on the basis of a unique scientific installation (USI) "Station for working out methods for obtaining transgenic plants and ballistic transformation of plant objects".

Sergey Dolgov

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  • Phone: +7(4967)73-06-53#3237
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