Julian G. Molotkovsky

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Julian G. Molotkovsky is a member of Laboratory of Lipid Chemistry from its foundation in 1963. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology in 1957, and entered as a postgraduate in the M.M. Shemyakin'sLab of antibiotic chemistry of Institute of Natural Products in 1959.


Dr. Molotkovsky is the author of more than 180 research articles; he got the USSR State award in 1985, and is a member of Editorial boards of Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry and Membrane & Cell Biology (Moscow).


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Russia, Moscow Institute of Chemistry of the Natural Compounds PhD in chemistry
1957 Russia, Moscow Moscow Institute of the Fine Chemical Technology MS in chemistry
1985 Russia,Moscow M.M. Shemyakin Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry AS USSR DSc in chemistry

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After presenting PhD thesis, Dr. Molotkovsky has specialized in lipid chemistry and membranology. In this field he developed several new methods: syntheses of some complex phospholipids, new way for resolving racemic alcohols, syntheses of fluorescent and photoaffine probes. In collaboration with Russian and foreign colleagues, new data on lipid-protein structure of serum lipoproteins, erythrocyte membrane, and influenza virus were collected; ganglioside reception of cholera toxin, and membrane topography of cytochrome P-450 were studied; a series of model studies of bilayer membranes was performed. After presenting Dr. Chemistry thesis (1985), one of the main fields of study in Laboratory of Lipid Chemistry, which was headed by Dr. Molotkovsky in 1991—2007, is synthesis of lipid-modified antitumor preparation elaboration of their targeted delivery to tumors.

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