Lev D. Bergelson

Personal information

Career summary

1936-1941: student of the Chemical Department ot the Moscow State University;

1941-1945: Service in Red (Soviet) Army during the WWII, demobilized as capitain;

1945-1959: Postgraduate in Institute of Organic Chemistry; presentitng of PhD thesis (Moscow);junior research scientist; senior research sientist;

1959-1995: senior research scientist in the Institute of Natural Compounds Chemistry (today - Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry), since 1986 - principal research scientist;

1963-1986: head of Laboratory of Lipid Chemistry in IBCh AS USSR

Teaching activity

1965: professor of natural product chemistry


PeriodCountry, cityEducation institutionAdditional info
1936–1941 Russia, Moscow Moscow State University, Chemistry Department MS in chemistry
1945–1949 Россия, Москва Zelinskij Institute of Organic Chemistry AS USSR (IOCh) PhD in chemistry
1963 Russia, Moscow Institute of chemistry of the Natural Compounds AS USSR (ICNC) DSc in chemistry
1965 Russia, Moscow Institute of chemistry of the Natural Compounds AS USSR (ICNC) Awarded professor of natural product chemistry

Awards & honors

  • Order of the Red Star (1945);
  • Medals "For Valour", "For the Capture of Budapest", "For the Liberation of Belgrade", "For the Capture of Vienna", "For the Victory Over Germany in World War II in 1941-1945" (1945);
  • Medal "XX Years of Victory in Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 гг." (1965);
  • Medal "For Valorous Work. In Commemoration of centenary of Vladimir I. Lenin’s birth”" (1970);
  • Order of the Patriotic War, the 2nd class (1985);
  • USSR State Prize in science and engineering - for the works in 1965—1983 «Structure and function of lipids» (1985).

Scientific societies’ membership

1968: corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR

Founding Editor of journal Chemistry and Physics of Lipids (Elsevier)


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