Cell Calcium, 2018, 73:55-69

Photoreceptor calcium sensor proteins in detergent-resistant membrane rafts are regulated via binding to caveolin-1

Caveolin-1 is the major integral component of DRMs, possessing scaffolding and regulatory activities towards various signaling proteins. In this study, photoreceptor Ca2+-binding proteins recoverin, NCS1, GCAP1, and GCAP2, belonging to neuronal calcium sensor (NCS) family, were recognized as novel caveolin-1 interacting partners. All four NCS proteins co-fractionate with caveolin-1 in DRMs, isolated from illuminated bovine rod outer segments. According to pull-down assay, surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy and isothermal titration calorimetry data, they are capable of high-affinity binding to either N-terminal fragment of caveolin-1 (1–101), or its short scaffolding domain (81–101) via a novel structural site. In recoverin this site is localized in C-terminal domain in proximity to the third EF-hand motif and composed of aromatic amino acids conserved among NCS proteins. Remarkably, the binding of NCS proteins to caveolin-1 occurs only in the absence of calcium, which is in agreement with higher accessibility of the caveolin-1 binding site in their Ca2+-free forms. Consistently, the presence of caveolin-1 produces no effect on regulatory activity of Ca2+-saturated recoverin or NCS1 towards rhodopsin kinase, but upregulates GCAP2, which potentiates guanylate cyclase activity being in Ca2+-free conformation. In addition, the interaction with caveolin-1 decreases cooperativity and augments affinity of Ca2 + binding to recoverin apparently by facilitating exposure of its myristoyl group. We suggest that at low calcium NCS proteins are compartmentalized in photoreceptor rafts via binding to caveolin-1, which may enhance their activity or ensure their faster responses on Ca2+-signals thereby maintaining efficient phototransduction recovery and light adaptation.

Vladimirov VI, Zernii EY, Baksheeva VE, Wimberg H, Kazakov AS, Tikhomirova NK, Nemashkalova EL, Mitkevich VA, Zamyatnin AA, Lipkin VM, Philippov PP, Permyakov SE, Senin II, Koch KW, Zinchenko DV

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