Medchemcomm, 2018, 9(4):667-675

Crystallomycin revisited after 60 years: Aspartocins B and C

The study of an archived sample of crystallomycin complex using HPLC, ESI HRMS, and 2D NMR showed that two major components of the antibiotic, compounds 1 and 2, are lipopeptides having the same peptide core, Asp1-cyclo(Dab2-Pip3-MeAsp4-Asp5-Gly6-Asp7-Gly8-Dab9-Val10-Pro11-), N-acylated either with Δ3-iso-tetradecenoyl or Δ3-anteiso-pentadecenoyl that are identical to aspartocins C and B, respectively. According to the 2D NMR study, compound 2 in DMSO solution exists as a mixture of four conformers. The producing strain was identified as Streptomyces griseorubens. Compounds 1 and 2 have considerable Ca2+-dependent activity against Gram-positive bacteria including five MRSA strains.

Tyurin AP, Alferova VA, Paramonov AS, Shuvalov MV, Malanicheva IA, Grammatikova NE, Solyev PN, Liu S, Sun C, Prokhorenko IA, Efimenko TA, Terekhova LP, Efremenkova OV, Shenkarev ZO, Korshun VA

IBCH: 3295
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